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Welcome to Girlfriend in your Closet…

“My calling is helping women feel and look their best in order to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Getting dressed, shopping and packing should be effortless and inspiring. Let me help you attain this level of comfort and confidence. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do!”   







Real women…Real bodies...Real budgets...Real closets


Whether you are a StyleSkyper, like many clients around the country, or work in-person with Personal Style Coach, Jennifer Roberge, the GIYC experience will strike you as memorable and profound.


First color, then style, then combining and accessorizing, Jen will not only uncover your personal style, but will teach you how and why to be able to do it for yourself. All you will think is “why didn’t I do this sooner” like Freda in Connecticut.


Every GIYC experience begins with a step-by-step process that reveals your personal style. Some popular packages include:

xo Jennifer


Call for a 15 minute 

Complimentary Consultation 


  • The Curated Closet: the thoughtful editing of your current wardrobe including a review of clothing, shoes, scarves, jewelry and handbags to reinforce your personal style.

  • Shopping Clarity: a trip to your favorite shops accompanied by Jen who will act as your personal shopper and teach you how to select clothes and accessories to reinforce your personal style.

  • The StyleSkyper: On line consultations designed to work with clients at a distance.

  • Style on the Road: the refinement of clothing selections designed to create outfits specifically for travel.

  • Style Coach for a Season: a continuation of the Curated Closet or Shopping Clarity. Have Jennifer at your fingertips to continue to learn from her expertise as you refine your personal style for the season.


You are my inspiration! Women of all ages deciding to uncover their inner beauty and allow me to perform the magic to create your personal style!  I promise you, our time together will be well worth your investment!”  Jennifer


Testimonials from Girlfriend in your Closet…

“In one session Jennifer helped me achieve my look of casual elegance. I now emerge from my apartment confidently each and every day. Thank you!!!”  Rachel, New York, NY

“Jen, you are amazing! Thanks for helping me match my look to my business. Your suggestions on style, color and places to shop have made me feel pulled together everyday since we worked together.”  Lori, Stafford Springs, CT

“Jen taught me how to dress for my figure now, while I’m getting to my goal weight. Dressing has never been so easy. People finally noticed my new figure and I got compliments right away! I couldn’t be happier.” Sharon, Granby, MA

“I needed to get my four overstuffed closets of clothes, in my home I was selling, into one manageable closet in my new condo. Jennifer did in one day, what I’ve been trying to do for years!”  Kathleen, Amherst, MA

“At  first I thought it was an extravagence to work with a style coach, then I realized I don’t hesitate to hire a stylist for my hair or a mechanic for my car. Now I look forward to my seasonal ‘Girlfriend in your Closet’ tune up!” Renee, Northampton, MA

“Many thanks for your help in my closet, shopping and putting outfits together for me. It was an amazing experience. So glad I gave myself a terrific birthday present.”  Shanna, Okatie, SC

“My two teenage daughters and I were stressed looking for outfits for upcoming school and social events. We’re so glad Jennifer came to the rescue! She shopped with them and in a couple of hours, managed to find each of them three outfits including shoes and accessories. We were all thrilled with the beautiful, well priced, age appropiate outfits that Jennifer found, keeping in mind their individual styles.”         Carol, Pelham, NY

You saved me! My trip to Italy was fabulous. The outfits you packed for me were perfect and to think I took a carry-on! My friends were jealous!” Justina, Conway, MA

Sorting through clothes can be a painful experience, but working with Jennifer was productive and fun.  Her keen sense of style helped me put together new outfits from clothes I already had. Best of all, I now know what clothes to shop for. I think everyone could benefit from having Jennifer as their ‘Girlfriend in their Closet’.”  Beth, Boston, MA

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