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Welcome to Zesta Events…



Your guests will be enlightened and informed at Zesta Style events, all designed to unlock confidence with style.  Whether you are looking for a speaker for your group, or sponsoring a fundraising event, wow your guests with an unforgettable Zesta Style presentation.


In addition to the speaking segment, we treat your guests to a Zesta pop-up boutique featuring a curated collection of beautiful accessories available for purchase. The additional 30 minute shopping segment provides time for your guests to ask their individual style questions.


Testimonials from Zesta Style speaking engagements and fundraising events…

Our Zesta Style Fashion Show was our best fundraiser yet. Everyone keeps asking when the next one will be!” Eileen, Sons of Erin Women’s Group

“Jennifer and Anita are seriously entertaining. The presentation was informative and enlightening!” Justina, Profound Sound 

“We all now look 2” taller and 10 lbs. lighter. Thanks Zesta, it was wonderful.” Lori, Director, Loomis Communities

“I was thrilled when Zesta Style pointed out that I was wearing the color of the season. I never knew I was a fashionista until then.”  Susan, Hospice Store Manager                                                   

“What a great kick-off to our Fall series. Our members learned so much. The Zesta gals will be a hard act to follow!” Freda, President WBOA

Please CONTACT Jennifer to discuss your special event. 

Welcome to Zesta Style Business to Business… 


The world works best when there is mutual respect, collaboration and a bit of fun thrown in. We also feel that 1+1=3. We enjoy working with other like minded businesses to give all our clients value added benefits.

Businesses that work well with us are those who are transforming their clients into the best they can be, and want to give them a value added experience. We love to work with the following types of businesses...

  • Hair Salons

  • Gyms

  • Clothing Stores

  • Consignment Shops

  • Interior Designers

  • Realtors

  • Alternative Health Practitioners

  • Life Coaches

  • Health Coaches

  • Spas

  • Social Media Businesses

  • Schools

Zesta B to B
Zesta Events

If you are interested in increasing your client’s engagement, we can help. 

Please CONTACT Jennifer  to see how we can work together. 

Testimonials from Business Collaborators…


Barbara, Owner,

Shear Xtreme Salon,

Northampton, MA   

I’ve had Zesta Style as guest presenters in my Salon for both fundraising and client appreciation events. Both times, were lots of fun and my clients thought it was a unique and entertaining evening. It’s been great to see my clients come in with their “new” color and style tips being incorpating in their looks."  

Linda, Owner,

Designer Consignor, Southwick, MA

"We all had a such a fun evening. My customers were thrilled with the fashion guidance they received from Jennifer and Anita and the sales far exceeded what I was expecting. We all especially loved it when Jen or Anita would ask someone to try on something that they never would have considered on their own, and they ended up buying it! We can’t wait to do another Private Shopping Night with Zesta Style!”     

Karen, Principal and Owner,

KDZ Designs, Pelham, MA

Jennifer’s expertise in understanding how to display, store and protect my client’s clothing and accessories proved to be such an asset to my interior design work!  Jen and I collaborated in creating a large dressing room and secondary storage area.  Jen curated my client’s wardrobe and gave invaluable design solutions on how to configure the room and secondary storage area for maximum visual effect, effective storage and ease of access for my client.  

Liz, Owner, Mass Marketing

Resources and Authorized

Local Expert for Constant Contact,

Easthampton MA  

"Zesta Style and I had a unique interactive event which included branding yourself as well as branding your business. We received wonderful feedback from the attendees that learning both aspects of branding together was very helpful to their businesses."

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