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Alterations by Anita 

My passion is seeing a woman looking and feeling fabulous in a well fitted outfit.  It gives her confidence to conquer what she needs to do to meet her personal and professional goals.  I love the construction of a garment and when the fabric works well with the design and a woman’s figure.  Perfection.”  xo Anita


Anita thinks of herself as a traveling re-designer.  If you are faced with a closet full of things that ‘aren’t quite right’ Anita can help by utilizing her award winning design skills to redesign your favorite pieces.  Some of the work involves good alterations and some involves re-purposing something you love. 


Alterations are picked up at your home where you can try on as needed. The finished pieces are returned to you 7-10 days later. Minimum $100, travel rates may apply.

You may also use Anita’s alteration services when you have an in-person Girlfriend in your Closet session. Jennifer can pin your items for alterations and bring them to Anita, or Anita can arrive at the end of the GIYC session for an alteration consult. 

Testimonials from Alterations by Anita…

“Anita saved my favorite pants with her amazing alterations, and it was easier and less expensive than searching for a new pair.”  Justina, Conway, MA


“I was sad when my favorite coat of 25 years was falling apart and beginning to look dated.  Anita came to the rescue and transformed it into a great new bolero jacket. Now I get wonderful compliments every time I wear it. It’s my favorite piece in my closet again!” Dale, New York, NY

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